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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
He pushes her pretty hard, but I like that she said assertively, "you have to move back" when he was crowding her. It doesn't seem like she's being emotionally beaten down. She'll be fine.
I think we are all talking out of school here. The original video was a dad being a verbal jerk and not really contributing anything constructive. Some posters thought it was too much, others were okay with it.

As far as "she'll be fine"....thats what he considers suitable for You Tube and public consumption...who the heck knows what he says when the camera is off.

How many tennis dads here would allow that first video to be posted? Even if they said stuff like that, they would feel lame and keep it private. So again, when the camera is off, who knows. At the very least he is a meddlesome guy who has no clue about tennis so should keep quiet.

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