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Originally Posted by kimguroo View Post
I started tiny men's tennis apparel company (more like a small store).
I did not consider any sponsorship for my company but I already got several sponsorship requests (I think I might reconsider it at this point).
I don't have a problem with helping young players but
I always consider "Sponsorship" as Full sponsorship but I searched here and found there are many companies offer "partial sponsorship".
I don't know those companies use the word "Sponsorship" as a marketing strategy or there is no perfect term for "Partial sponsorship".
Well my coaches son has a full sponsorship from prince but he is in top 10 in texas and top 75 in US. A lot of the guys at my academy are highly ranked but there style of play is not as different as my coaches son so they have partial sponsorship. When sponsoring someone you should look at there potential and there style of play not just ranking.
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