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A few more for the heeztorians

21 by Mecir in a 1988 Wimbledon QF against Wilander
21 by Ljubicic against Roddick in a 2002 Paris Masters R32 match
16-23 by Doeg against Tilden in a 1930 US Championships SF
19 by Tanner in the 1977 Australian Open final against Vilas
18 by Djokovic in the third and fourth sets of a 2011 U.S. Open SF vs Federer
18 by Becker against Sampras in the 1996 ATP Championships final
17 by Lendl against Connors at the 1992 USO (R64)
16 by Agassi against Connors in a 1988 USO QF
16 by Agassi against Sampras in the 2001 Indian Wells final
15 by Lendl in the 1985 USO final against McEnroe
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