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Originally Posted by gplracer View Post
I was doing a video of my 9 year old:

This is what my son did in between videos:
Ha, cool kid my friend! Looks good.

A few minor things on the forehand. I think if he held the off hand extension down the baseline a tad longer, he would be 'loaded' up for more power. Stand behind him and say, load, hold, hold, explode.....get him to hold that rotation until he is ready to explode into the ball.

Also, look at the view from behind his forehands. His back foot kind of drags the toes, robbing him of some power. Have him explode and let his body come around more with the stroke. A wild guess, he plays baseball? From behind that toe drag reminds me of a baseball swing.

Nice job, looks like a solid little athlete having fun.

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