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Originally Posted by mmk View Post
Not too many schools actually make money on the so-called revenue sports:
thats exactly the problem, most schools do lose money with football but they still must fund it and that's when the non revenue sports suffer and the sad part the men's teams take he first hits due to the way Title IX is implemented. In the end it all does come back to the title IX mandate as if the school has a strong football program that makes it to BCS bowls or have their own TV deals then funding sports not an issue, the moment football suffering then sports start getting cut as football costs a huge amount to run. I was involved at North Texas when they gutted most all the men's teams a few years back and with the tiny sports budget and football and basketball leaking money we couldn't cut any women's teams and dropped Tennis, baseball, Soccer, swimming and Diving.....all of the men's programs. UH did same thing.....
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