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Originally Posted by mad dog1 View Post
^^ have you tried IonTec yet? if so, how does it compare? reason why i ask is because i'm generally not a big fan of shaped or twist/textured strings. i've tried some Mamba, Penta, Penta twist and found Mamba and Penta to be pretty good, but IonTec was the best of any poly including other brands i've tried to date.
Yeah, I have played Iontec, Poly premium, Black spin, Black mamba, Black Mamba Penta Twisted and Spin Monster.

Iontec is petty unique it is a prestretched poly but still soft and low powered with a large emphasis on control without the need for a lot of topspin to keep the ball in play. The string kind of makes your racquet feel like you are hitting with the control of a denser string patterned racquet while maintaining a soft feeling string bed. No poly that I have ever played really feels like it. It is a unique string that players will either love or hate.

Spin Monster is much livelier than Iontec, it offers more power and spin, the extra spin is what gives the control with this string. If you have the racquet head speed and hit with a lot of topspin you can hit a really heavy ball with this string. It is not as heavily textured as the various Black Mamba strings, I would call it more shaped than textured. I usually have to restring with most polys after a long match or a hitting session but spin monster doesn't seem to go dead very fast or become a surprise rocket launcher next time you hit with it.

If you are more of an all court player or a flat ball striker you may prefer the control and feel of Iontec, if you are an aggressive base liner with a lot of racquet head speed and topspin strokes you will probably prefer Spin Monster or Black Mamba Penta Twisted over Iontec.

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