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Originally Posted by TennisCoachFLA View Post
I hope you are right, but highly doubt it. She has been using that grip a long time, won in the 10s and now the 12s. Sadly once they start winning with grips like that most coaches do not have the guts to change them, or the parents resist. Rick Macci always says the biggest single dead ender in junior tennis is an extreme grip that wins in 10-14s, then gets crushed in 16-18s. I think he would cry if he saw her grip.
I should have said "overly optimistic". I like you hope they fix it soon. It's really not that hard to gradually get her moved to the proper grip. As much as they hit it could be done in 1-3 months, easy. As many tournaments/matches as she's playing, it (Dad) likely won't allow for losses short-term for improvement long-term.

Outcome oriented focus versus process oriented focus. Many folks just don't get it.
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