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Did ya heard about a certain Bjorn Borg? Djokovic is a first year school compared to him... ahˇ Jimmy Connors won 3 out of 4 GS titles in, some old boys did what Djokovic has done this year.

Of course, Rod Laver GS remains the greatest feat achieved...even for *******s
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Borg never won 3 slams per year.

Yes, 1974 Connors belong in the conversation.


Fed fans have Laver 1969 below Fed's 2006, 2004 and 2007. And other fans don't have Laver at the top either. Stop making up story.
Borg in 1979 won 21 tournaments, won way over 90% of his matches, won the French Open, Wimbledon, the Canadian Open (on hard court over John McEnroe in straight sets) and the Year End Masters. He destroyed players, not just beat them. And among them was Jimmy Connors with whom he defeated six times without a loss. The Australian really wasn't considered that important in those days. And a number of years that Borg had were very similiar in quality. Several of Borg's years also belong in the conversation. I could go into other statistical reasons but I feel this is more than enough for now. My personal opinion is that Borg's 1979 season is one of the great tennis seasons ever and also arguably the best ever.

If we are talking about great all time seasons we have to look at some of Tilden's years in the 1920's also.
Rosewall in 1962 or 1963.
Laver in 1967 when he won the Pro Grand Slam.
Connors in 1974 but strangely enough I feel Connors was a better player later for example in 1976. You can criticize Connors in 1974 for playing a portion of that year in the old Riordan circuit.
Don Budge had a great year in 1938 when he won the Grand Slam but it was against a weak amateur field. Odds are he wouldn't have won the Grand Slam if he played against greats like Vines, Nusslein, Perry, Tilden and Cochet. His main rival von Cramm was imprisoned. So on paper that year of 1938 looks awesome for Budge but it really wasn't to me as impressive as one may think.
Pancho Gonzalez had a number of great years but for Pro Majors his best was 1956 in which he took two of three Pro Majors and was unbeaten in two tours. His tour against Tony Trabert that finished that year in 1956 went for 101 matches of which Gonzalez won 74.
Vilas in 1977 had a great year in which he won two majors with a 145-14 record.

Among the Women there are so many impressive years.
Many of Suzanne Lenglen years in the 1920's were unbelievable.
Helen Wills didn't lose a match for years.
Alice Marble was unbeaten in several years I believe in 1939 and 1940.
Connolly in 1953 when she won the Grand Slam
Margaret Court in 1970 when she won the Grand Slam and I believe around 20 tournaments. If memory serves I think 21 tournaments won out of 27 tournaments entered.
Navratilova in several years from 1982 to 1986.
Graf in 1988 when she won the Golden Slam but she also had a number of other dominant years.
Seles in 1991 and 1992 with six majors during those years.
Billie Jean King in 1972 with three majors won out of three entered.
Evert in several years in the mid to late 1970's.

While he didn't have the statistical year that the above men or women have had, the Nastase of 1973 was pretty fantastic also with a French Open title (without the loss of a set) and winning the year end Masters. He won 17 tournaments that year plus ten doubles titles. On a subjective note Nastase played a brand of tennis that was beautiful to see in its combination of touch and power. His mobility and anticipation was uncanny in those days.

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