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Originally Posted by treeman10 View Post
Ya, it would be great, we could all be engineers with the same dream of going to Berkeley. Better yet, we could all become robots. Productivity and education is all that matters in life! No sports in college? Who wants to live such a vanilla dull existence? Soylent Green comes to mind.

Achieving academically is easy, we have a zillion 4.0 students a year and it isn't do much for us except overcrowding the schools. Now being a scholar and top tier athlete....that is amazing.

I see you are a Hall of Famer poster, interesting view on a tennis didn't play college tennis I assume?
I don't even know where to start...

I am a current DII collegiate athlete, and I don't get any scholarship. My college currently cut all scholarships for men's tennis, baseball, swimming, and wrestling, and completely cut our girl's golf team.

That being said, I go to said college for free because of my academics. Even if I could get a scholarship on my team, I wouldn't need it. I feel like some sports don't need scholarships, and that academics should be placed on a higher place. I've seen too many athletes who get accepted to schools because of their skills, not because of their academics.

Let's face it, 99% of athletes who play collegiate sports DON'T go on to play professionals. I think that ALL divisions should adopt DIII's rules on athletics and eliminate athletic scholarships completely.

Oh, and saying that schools have a zillion 4.0 GPA students at my school doesn't cut it, the number of perfect GPA holding students at my school is most likely less than 5%.
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