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Originally Posted by mad dog1 View Post
thanks for such a detailed comparison! this is awesome! i might have to order a set of Spin Monster to try. I just love IonTec. I don't find a lack of power from it, but i definitely think it's just middle of the road in terms of power for polys. for a poly i think it really excels in the feel and control department which i really value. i just can't hit w/ strings that don't have any feel. i think the control comes from the amazing feel rather than huge spin potential as you mentioned although i can get some really good spin from it as well. not Tour Bite levels of spin, but still very good spin. i wouldn't mind a little more spin or power so Spin Monster might work well for me. i tried Penta Twisted and it just didn't work at all for me. just didn't get a feel nor did i get any more spin. i far preferred Penta over Penta Twisted. i also love that IonTec is available in reels which Spin Monster is not unfortunately.
IonTec has a lot of stretch for a poly which enhances feel, to get more feel with the various black mamba strings you can drop tension considerably and not lose control. Don't be afraid to go to a much lower tension with them, the feel is much improved and you will still have plenty of control. I would suggest trying at least 5lbs less than your normal tension if you still don't have enough feel, drop tension 3lbs and try again.

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btw, did you string both IonTec and Spin Monster at the same tensions? what tensions did you use? i'm stringing IonTec in my Vantage BC20 at 51.5/49 and in my PS85 at 47.5/46.
If you try the spin monster I would recommend stringing it at your normal tension the first time, than you will get a feel for the strings characteristics in your own racquet with your strokes. Than you can adjust accordingly. I personally string it at 55lbs, which is around mid tension for my frame. In the same frame I would string Iontec at 50lbs. I don't want to lead you astray you wrote "feel" is an important string characteristic for you. I would rate spin monster as mid level in feel for a poly it is not extremely stiff nor is it as soft as Iontec.

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also have you tried IonTec Hexa? if so, can you share how it compares to IT and Spin Monster?
Sorry, I haven't tried the Hexa yet.
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