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Originally Posted by Lsmkenpo View Post
IonTec has a lot of stretch for a poly which enhances feel, to get more feel with the various black mamba strings you can drop tension considerably and not lose control. Don't be afraid to go to a much lower tension with them, the feel is much improved and you will still have plenty of control. I would suggest trying at least 5lbs less than your normal tension if you still don't have enough feel, drop tension 3lbs and try again.
really appreciate your recommendations here. i actually tried Penta Twisted at 47/43 in the BC20 which was 5 lower than the tension i string IonTec at. maybe it still wasn't low enough.

Originally Posted by Lsmkenpo View Post
If you try the spin monster I would recommend stringing it at your normal tension the first time, than you will get a feel for the strings characteristics in your own racquet with your strokes. Than you can adjust accordingly. I personally string it at 55lbs, which is around mid tension for my frame. In the same frame I would string Iontec at 50lbs. I don't want to lead you astray you wrote "feel" is an important string characteristic for you. I would rate spin monster as mid level in feel for a poly it is not extremely stiff nor is it as soft as Iontec.
got it. thanks again for being so detailed.

Originally Posted by Lsmkenpo View Post
Sorry, I haven't tried the Hexa yet.
i'm really intrigued by Hexa. the BC20 is such a flexy, comfy frame i can afford to go w/ stiffer strings. i'll share my impressions of Hexa after i try it. while i'm at it ordering Hexa, i may as well try a set of Spin Monster, too. your feedback has convinced me to give it a shot. thanks again.
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