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Originally Posted by urban View Post
Steve Tignor on Tennis magazine has made a list of great years in open tennis. I think, he rates Mac's 1981 over Borg's 1979, which i wouldn't do. As pc1 writes, Borg had great years at the end of the 70s. Only the lack of the AO, which was skipped by the top players then, makes it look not as impressive as some of the recent years. But in truth, Borg was way more dominant than Wilander in 1988 for example, and his win-loss percentages over 3-4 years were better than anything Federer did in his great years. Besides: Tignor seems to rate Djokovic's year third behind Laver 1969 and Federer 2006. I personally think, that Federer played better, more dominant and aggressive tennis in 2005, despite winning 2 majors instead of 3..
Will you kindly provide the data for this? I'm very interested....
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