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The dad is definitely a nuisance. That's why as a coach, you have to enter a psychological contract with the parents from the very beginning and let them know that when the kid gets on your court, the parents must SHUT IT. That's how I handle my students & their parents, and it's been smooth sailing so far.

As for the comments screaming "abuse", the kid is a trooper, she can probably handle it. How her dad treats her may not work on other kids who have a softer personality, but as long as she's tough enough to handle it, I wouldn't worry too much. In fact, a kid who talks back like that might even need a parent who is tough to keep her grounded as opposed to letting her go wild.

On the other hand -- as a parent, if you find yourself having to scream at your kid to do something right... it is 100% your fault, not the kid's. You either 1) don't have the coaching ability to fix the kid's problems or 2) never raised the kid right to be easily coached / motivated. There's not a single kid who was born hating tennis. Kids respond to their environment - and parents play a critical role in giving the kid either a reason to love or to hate the sport.
Good stuff. I maintain though that we have no idea what happens when the camera is off. She may talk back a little to what he is doing on camera. Off camera he could be a real nut and she is helpless.

Not many dads would allow even that stuff on You Tube, saying "waste of time", "looks like you don't even want to try". If he does that on camera, who knows if/how brutal he is off camera.

My girl is a smart mouth and tough. But I would never go there with some of the stuff he says. There are less personal ways to handle a kid with a chip on their shoulder. I would rather see her run a lap then hear the verbal shots at her.

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