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Originally Posted by Mikeadelic View Post
Absolutely no disagreement here. To clarify, me saying she can handle it definitely does not mean I condone it. I personally would never do this to anybody's kid, let alone my own when I end up having kids someday.

I'm thinking this dad is probably so unaware of his own obnoxiousness that he acts the same way off-camera as on. That's why he wouldn't even think about posting something like this on the tube. But then again I'm just taking a wild guess so who knows.

Bottom line is kids don't need this kind of upbringing. If parents would crack open any youth coaching book, the first chapter would be on how to motivate your kid without falling into abusiveness. The number of parents out there who don't even know such basic knowledge appalls me. People would read books to learn math, science, language, or tennis strokes, but don't ever bother to look up a book on parenting.

I see too many sports parents who scream and put down their kids and for what? Chasing a bunch of ranking points in the hopes that MAYBE their kid can crack into a D1 school, let alone the pro tour? Then when the kid washes out, not only do they not have any passion left for a great sport, but they grow up into a complete punk as a person.
Agreed. His issue was that she was not getting to the balls. I would have gone with more kidding around to motivate. "Ut oh, that court is sticking to your feet!" or "get to the next 10 balls and I will run a lap".

If you are going to meddle with the coaching, at least do it in a light hearted fashion. At age 14, maybe he could be a little more blunt. At age 9, keep it light.
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