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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
You should do the smart thing and wait at least 4 weeks. It's not worth the reinjury.
Originally Posted by mikeler View Post

You probably are good enough to do baseline drills for the next few weeks. I'd still hold off on match play.
Found out the hard way earlier that I'm not ready and was being too optimistic (walking was feeling fine - honest!) Was crossing the road, and as I was half way across, cars started coming, so instinctly I tried to jog the rest of the distance to the other side, but I felt a sharp stabbing pain, injured leg didn't feel as if it could push off properly, and I was in agony when I got to the other side...

Got home and tried to press up off on the ground onto my toes using the damaged leg but couldn't really do it without the calf feeling very sore and painful. Could sort of do it when using both feet but the right calf (the injured one) still felt sore and weak. It's obviously not healed yet, lol. Calf muscle feels soooo tight when doing the stretching exercises (that I should have been doing more of).

I think I'm going to have to do things properly and actually follow the physio's programme of stretching and gradual strength building exercises, and only try playing again, when the calf doesn't doesn't feel sore/painful when doing the exercises. I'm starting to think it might have been more of bigger tear than a minor one.

Looks it like it really is going to be early January before I'm back (physio's original estimate). Bah!

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