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Originally Posted by urban View Post
Some should think twice about true and false facts. Not all list you find on the internet, are true or correct. This list above is certainly false, maybe made by Apex himself. Connors for example was 99-4 in 1974. Peter Bodo on Tennis online recently showed another false internet list, where Borg was listed with over 90% for 1977! In this list above, now suddenly he is given over 90% for 1979 and 1980. But this list isn't true neither. Following my stats, Borg had 5 years over 90 % win-loss percentage. With important invitational events, if you only count at least 8 men events, Borg was better than 84-6 in 1979, more like 105 or 110-6. Look at the draws of those invitational events, when Borg beat Connors, Mac, Vilas and other top players frequently in best of 5 matches. For 1978, the Collins Tennis history gives him 88-8 in official ATP tournaments, but with important invitationals he has over 100-8 wins for 1978. So better do a bit of research, before claiming on false stats.
Yeah genius...I made that list, secretly sent it to TMF, told him to post it here so that I could quote his post...

You got're too smart for me...

Btw, still waiting for data supporting your below statement:

"and his win-loss percentages over 3-4 years were better than anything Federer did in his great years"

I'm very curious which 3-4 seasons Borg had a winning percentage better than 95.3.

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