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Originally Posted by TMF View Post
Top 10 Highest Season Winning Percentage

1. John McEnroe (1984) .965 82–3
2. Jimmy Connors (1974) .959 93–4
3. Roger Federer (2005) .953 81–4
4. Roger Federer (2006) .948 92–5

5. Björn Borg (1979) .933 84–6
6. Ivan Lendl (1986) .925 74–6
7. Roger Federer (2004) .925 74–6
8. Ivan Lendl (1985) .923 84–7
9. Ivan Lendl (1982) .922 106–9
10. Björn Borg (1980) .921 70–6
Novak Djokovic (2011) 0.921 70-6

I heard Borg has 4 years winning over 90%, but what year?

I know Lendl has 5 years(a record).
Presuming that the statistics here are accurate (i.e. that the originator of this list was truthful), Federer obviously had three great winning years--up there with the very best, and thus is worthy of much respect and esteem. On a top-five list for one individual to have two spots, whereas ever other person has only one, is quite an achievement.

I presume that in some of the years listed here the losses were sprinkled in sporadically among the wins. I believe that all the hype about Djokovic's year started before the French Open, when he was unbeaten. Combining a near-record unbeaten streak and a high win-loss percentage (and ultmately three majors) has, I believe, led to all the hyperbole.

I retract what I said earlier, Djokovic's year was not sad or pathetic, it was pretty darn good. But tying for 10th does not make it the "greatest year in history."
The weak never apologize, because they perceive it as a sign of weakness. The strong easily apologize because it is a sign of their strength.

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