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Quite right, Hoodjem nobody is deniying that. But the list isn't accurate nor complete. I don't know, why writers like Bodo (in an article about Nole in the 900 club) came up with such problematic lists. As said, Connors 1974 was 99-4 for a .961 percentage. Borgs percentage in 1979 is actually higher than 93%, or 84-6, as the list above shows. To his 13 titles which the ATP counts today (they have already changed that stat thanks to guys like O& M) Borg won 8 additional invitational events. That would make the count 104-6 for 1979. And for a 4 year period , Borgs percentage is imo unsurpassed. Ditto for 5 years. At least, the guy calling himself TMF, who came up with this list, "heard" about Borgs finishing with 4 over 90% seasons, it were indeed 5.
Bottom line is, and that was my point: Borg's 1977-1980 years are quite underrated today by writers like Steve Tignor. He puts recently Borg's 1979 behind Mac's 1981 or Wilander's 1988. I wouldn't do that. We should do more research, how the true records looked in the 70s and what the players activity was.

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