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Originally Posted by TMF View Post
I would appreciated if you post your list where you got your resources instead of calling my list is incorrect or incomplete. Just b/c you have your own resources doesn't mean your's are correct/accurate. And Collins isn't the only author who compiled these win/loss records, lol.

Borg's 1974 was recorded as 93-4, if you find another site that say he's 99-4 doesn't mean that is an absolute correct. There could be a reason for the discrepancy, we don't know.
First of all it's Connors that's 99-4 and check the Collins book and other sources. And yes I do believe my sources are correct.

It's frankly getting tiring with everyone arguing over these trivial issues. We are suppose to help each other, not argue whether it's a 91.1 percentage or 90.1 percentage.

Please resolve all this issues. Please.

Honestly I find this stuff so petty. If you want to believe Connors was 93-4 so be it.

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