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Originally Posted by slice serve ace View Post
sampras won at one point 32 1st serve points in a row. that is the second longest streak that i know of. it ended with the 1st point on sampras serve in the 3rd set
I was checking out the end of the '96 USO final, and Mary Carillo was saying that Chang had not lost a point on first serve throughout the whole third set (which ended 7-6). So I did a quick check of Chang's games and it came out to 19 straight points, including one at the end of the second set. It was an unbroken streak; he won his last 19 points on first serve.

It's not the longest streak but perhaps a little surprising coming from Chang.

His overall success on first serve was actually higher than Pete's: 86% to 85%, according to a boxscore for the match. Again perhaps a little surprising.

(The ATP has Chang way up at 89%, but that's incorrect because they've counted the aces twice in that category.)

BTW thanks Moose for your numbers on Sampras-Courier; looking forward to more numbers on Pete's semi.
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