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I couldn't resist it, so I dropped into one of my club's social sessions (mostly older women or improver type players playing doubles) to have an hour's hit.

I made sure that I didn't run, and also tried not to do anything that required pushing off on my right leg.

When you try not to use your right leg, its just weird. You can't position yourself properly for forehands (unless the ball comes to you perfectly positioned), and neither can you push off with your right leg. It's really weird trying to use only your upper body and arm. It's like half the stroke is missing. Same with serves - you can't push up with your right leg.

Still, it was nice to have a little bunt to cure the boredom. Don't think were any ill effects, though the inside of the calf felt a big 'stingy' today, though I'm not sure if that was partly due to upping the stretches and toe raise exercises. Think I'll have a week off just doing stretches and exercises, before maybe having a little bunt again next weekend.

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