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Originally Posted by JohnThomas1
Awesome stuff guys!!! Hey Data if we're going back a bit remember Yannick using the stiff powerful Yamaha Secret 04 for the tail end of his career? 26mm and stiff as. He won a tourney (NSW Open i think) out here beating Lendl in the semi and Steeb (sp?) in the final with it.
Yes, I sure do John. That Secret got great reviews as I remember. One of my practice partners at the time used it for a while. I never tried it, but I remember I liked the look of it...very serious looking...sort of matte grey with a interesting texture to it? Was not one of the super powerful widebodies of the era but was surprisingly wide.....

He did beat Lendl in a warm up to the Aussie....though in Feinstein's book Hardcourts the win is portrayed as a bit of a giveaway. I guess the inside line was that the locker room was expecting Lendl to lose as Becker had lost and nobody thought Lendl would want Becker to have any extra prep/rest time before the Aussie.

I was excited though as I would have loved to see Noah get another GS or at least get back into the tour's elite. I had heard he had a new dedication to fitness and I was hopeful that Dennis Ralston could make some impact in shoring up his game. In that AO semi, (of which I have the 1st set on tape before broadcast went wonky....after that all we got was sporadic sound and a static picture of the stadium for quite a while lol) Noah was robbed of an ace with a very bad call and went down an early break. He served brilliantly however, ripping flat and slice serves past and through Lendl. If not for that early break, the first set would have been a real contest, as Noah held every game after that.

Unfortunately it seemed that losing the first set also took away Noah's heart and deep down belief that he could win and his game really faded in the next sets. By the time we got picture back I couldn't believe that the same guy blasting screaming aces now looked like he was too tired/unmotivated to even really care if the serve went over the net. Even without the bad call, Lendl probably was just way too solid for Noah, but upsets do happen and Noah had looked really good. I was hoping he would be back in the swing for the rest of the year but he took a big nosedive, I think Hardcourts made it sound like he was having women problems(big surprise and retirement thoughts.
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