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I have chronic achilles tendonitis in both. I have been wearing Nike Zoom Breathe 2K10's for the last year and a half or so. Very achilles friendly as they do not come up high in the back, there is no "v" notch back there as well and I don't lace up the top hole as to keep even less pressure on the area. Those seem to be the issues as far as I can tell: high in back, heel notch and tying too tight. Sadly, Nike somehow managed to mess up the new 2K11's and they do not work out for me at all. I recently tried on a high dollar New Balance pair (whatever their most expensive one is - don't know the number - and they seemed like they would work out as they meet my criteria. I did not buy them so can not say for sure. Have had this problem for years as I play virtually every day and it took me awhile to figure all of this out so...
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