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Originally Posted by The Wreck View Post
I don't doubt he's got game, but who's he supposed to start instead of? Spencer, Doumbia, Taboda, Pieters are in for sure. Then you got Singh and Pasha who are pretty much no brainers to play also.

I could see him probably sharing some time at #6, but UGA is just so deep. No real dominant player, but everyone is just so solid.
Pasha is playing 6.Amazing team!!!!!!National Champs at least for the next two years.If Manny picks the right doubles teams and we win the doubles point match over.I cant wait to DESTROY the SEC! The Cali teams have NO CHANCE!!!! Lets go DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!I talked to Manny a couple weeks ago he was just glowing of confidence with this team.This team is SO MUCH better than last year.
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