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The really sad thing TCF, is that we know the coach will say "oh, but this way she will have success now and then we will change it later when we need to"

Those of us with any knowledge now that a)this is damn hard to change the later it goes on and b)there's no reason not to have "correct" technique in the first place as you can still be successful in younger age groups.

This video of Richard Gasquet from the '99 Petit As in Tarbes shows how similar his technique was at 11 to now. You see the same with Rafa, Henin etc. At 11-12 their technique is already formed, barring minor changes and tweaks as they grow, but the basic shapes are the same.

The only player I know who made wholesale changes to technique later in their career was Juan Carlos Ferrero who totally reworked his serve at age 20.

I'll quite happily fly out if they'd like the help (my expenses aren't too high!)

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