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Okay, I guess there's enough interest, so someone will post links to the reports.

We'll try to get some scoop on little known, Petra, but generally our reports are kind of musings about our day. We usually go back to the hotel, grab a glass of wine, and sort of do a cooperative report (and generally attempt to make it amusing). So there likely will be reports about breakfast stuff -- i.e., who sitting with who, what they were wearing etc., who we got stuck in the elevator with, etc. And then we usually comment on the matches we've seen that day. We tend to split up and go see our faves. If Nadal or Moya is playing, I'll be there, and not watching some unknowns on Court 4. But IW has an annoying habit of always scheduling my faves to play at the same time, so sometimes I do end up on Court 4 watching unknowns. I particularly like to catch doubles play, so I may have some comments about that. And I likely will have some Crazy Lou stories.

Okay, off to pick up the kids! Take care. And I can't wait to see you, Fee. Hope you are bringing the bail money. We may need it on Saturday night. (And don't worry, Mom, I'll bring my sunscreen. )

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