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Originally Posted by coachrick View Post
Follow the money.

Sounds like a total disaster. Hard to imagine they let such an important facet of the 'organization' fall through the cracks.
I think the money is what it boils down to. The city felt they could bank some money at the kids and parents expense. They most likely didn't want to contract it out.

Originally Posted by bigmatt View Post
The stringer is probably the most important person at a tournament, especially one of this stature. Players are so directly affected by their strings that the organizers need to be sure they have qualified racquet technicians on hand.
Whoever ran the tournament this year needs to be replaced.
Originally Posted by 000KFACTOR90000 View Post
I think it should be the last time at that venue.

They had their chance and blew it.
agree with both of you. Very shameful to say the least. I agree they should not be allowed to be provided the privilege of hosting this event again.

Originally Posted by stringwalla View Post
That seems like a great price for a tournament. I guess you get what you pay for.
Proshops around me charge $16-25. Onsite tournament stringing charges $20-$30 where I've worked.

Drak, we should get a team together and clean up some of these events to our standards
This would be awesome. Maybe we could convince bigmatt to join us.

Originally Posted by equinox View Post
Partially the players fault, teach them to never rely on unknown stringers and keep that 12-15 racquets strung coming into the event.

The supplied stringing service does sound like disorganised hell, but not unexpected for a new event location. Not even the stringers fault. Lack of planning and oversight from the event organisers. Should've brought in qualified MRT with tournament experience to oversee the stringing room? operations. Then have him use his contacts to select a few experienced proshop employees and dedicated multi lingual front desk service attendant to free the few stringers from mundane common tasks.

Old adage comes back, get what you pay for.

Was there a language barrier?
From what I've been told by very good sources is that IT IS disorganized hell, especially when one considers reels and frames being lost, and many other frames not being complete for the days matches. Sending kids out to play with strings they have never even played with for such an event is unacceptable.

As for the language barrier, that is a good point. However, language has zero to do with doing a quality string job and providing a quality service overall.

Originally Posted by crosbydog View Post
Is there a listing on the Internet somewhere of master stringers throughout the country?
Yes, there is. On the USRSA site.

To add, there are plenty of qualified stringers with pro tournament stringing experience in the area where the tournament was held.
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