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Originally Posted by Love50 View Post
It has eight mains. Is the Fischer Austria on the side sort of the same as Donnay Belgium vs Made in Belgium?
Yes, exactly. The company was (and still is, as far as I know, though they are out of tennis production) Austrian-headquartered and owned, but from sometime circa 1992 or 1993, stopped making tennis racquets in Austria.

The mold with eight mains through the bridge is totally different in character from the one with six. It is either constant-beamed, or tapers in the opposite fasion, where it's thinnest right above the grip, and fattest at the top of the head. That version's variable-beam mold is almost, but not quite identical to the Vacuum Pro Midplus / Vacuum Technic 98 Pro / Pro Number 1 (first three versions). They're nice playing racquets with exquisite feel and good power, but not quite as crisp as the six-main tapered-beam mold, IMHO. One highlight of this "other" Elliptic mold is this beauty, which has the most exquisite paint I've ever seen on a tennis racquet:

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