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Originally Posted by spacediver View Post
incredible. Did the tournament organizers have anything to say about this? An apology, or excuse, or something?
Not sure. Only thing I was told is that it (the organization, not the stringing) seemed to get better towards the end of the week.

Originally Posted by equinox View Post
Within 1/2 days word would have spread about poor stringing service.

Why didn't parents take it to the pros stringers? 12 racquets should have lasted half the event or more, plenty of time to find suitable pro stringer for QF onwards.

No one with any common sense relies on unknown stringers at junior or futures level.

Bring your own / hire stringer and do it yourself or have close traveling friend do the group of players, that's what the asians do.

Drak, if complaints were so bad and numerous, why didn't ryou solicit the exiting clients? Probably charge $5-10 extra.

The players and parents receive little sympathy from me.
Equinox, although you have raised some interesting points, I have to disagree. For example, A parent traveling with their child from Austria is not going to be familiar with the area in order to find another stringer or service, which is why the tournament is expected to do this.

The tournament is responsible for providing the service, and it should be a quality one,,,, not the parent or participant being responsible to secure thier own stringing service. Many tournaments, including the USTA demand the venue provide it or outsource it, which was the case here. At the two nationals I string at every year, the venue has to provide the service.

Secondly, it is very hard to just get a bunch of stringers together (mid-tournament) to fix it. Guys/gals that string for a living aren't just sitting at home twiddling their thumbs in the hopes of being called in case something goes wrong at a local tournament.

Most stringing "teams" prepare for tournaments such as this one weeks/months in advance. For example, I have already been hired to service two futures in January 2012. I have to now plan to hire someone else to asist me, get all the supplies together. Ensure my machines are functioning properly, etc, etc, etc. There is a lot of planning involved, including gathering a lot of supplies. This can't be done mid-tournament.

As for me soliciting some of the players..... I strung for several players privately, including the # 1 seed in the boys 18's at the request of mutual friends/clients. Many others I strung for practiced quite a bit at the club I string at, so I ended up servicing their frames. I saw many of the frames that were brought to me, including one that was warped, and the one I described with the crazy "around the world" pattern.

Lastly, as for your comment regarding "Asian players", I strung for a whole traveling team of Asians at a futures last year. None of them had ever met me, rather relied on the service provided at the venue, which happened to be me.
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