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Originally Posted by equinox View Post
Within 1/2 days word would have spread about poor stringing service.

Why didn't parents take it to the pros stringers? 12 racquets should have lasted half the event or more, plenty of time to find suitable pro stringer for QF onwards.

No one with any common sense relies on unknown stringers at junior or futures level.

Bring your own / hire stringer and do it yourself or have close traveling friend do the group of players, that's what the asians do.

Drak, if complaints were so bad and numerous, why didn't you solicit the exiting clients? Probably charge $5-10 extra.

The players and parents receive little sympathy from me.
Can you please explain in greater detail what I bolded -
especially "have close traveling friend do the group of players"

I didn't understand what you were trying to say.

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