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Default Wilson Red Alert

I strung this up as an experiment (never used it before) for a hard hitting High School player @ 59 in a Wilson K Bold.
He needed more control and durability than he was getting with other synguts and I was unwilling to suggest poly.
He practices 3 times a week in addition to his matches.
It lasted 9 weeks before he finally popped a cross right in the middle of the sweetspot!
What's that, 30-40 hours?
He and his parents were pleased.
I was impressed.
Although they probably should've come back sooner.
BTW it strings up strangely for a syngut. Stiff like a poly, yet with a zingy sound like kevlar because of the texture.
Yet it 'pings' nicely and has very little vibration.
Not a true playtest, but I thought y'all might like to know.
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