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Originally Posted by treblings View Post
well, the ceramics is the racket i have in my attic that i promised to send you a long time ago unfortunately itīs in not too good condition, but itīs ready to travel in your direction if youīre still interested.

i play with a vacuum classic 280 for fun doubles. how do you get grommets for your fischers?
Ah yes, Treblings, I'd love to have it. Can we work something out? --> retrowagen <at> yahoo <dot> com ...

Grommets for Fischers can be hard to find now. Your best hope is to check with small independently-owned sports shops who once sold the Fischer brand, or, if you use the older Pro No. 1, look for a Tecnifibre TFlash 315 VO2 grommet kit. Now that Pacific Tennis is using some of the old Fischer molds for its new line of racquets, there could also be a source for those who love the old Vacuum Pro Classic 90 and newer Pro No. 1.

Maybe some of our classic racquet lover friends in Germany can work with Pacific management to gain access to more old Fischer moulds and grommets? As my friend 'Captain Haddock' said above, the Elliptic models are quite relevant to today's style of tennis and are a perfect tool - far better in some regards, in our opinion - than much of the high-end equipment available today in your local pro shop (or online retailer).
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