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Originally Posted by Kevin T View Post
Loved the Twin Tec Pro!! One of the best paintjobs of all time. I remember Stich using this paintjob when the model was released (I'm sure his Vac Pro 90 was underneath that paint). As mentioned by Cap Haddock, the taper was similar to the FPK, another fantastic stick. Thanks for the pics, Retro.
Kev, the 1991 vintage Vac Pro 90 (as used famously be Michael Stich) came stock with the same pretty smoky paintjob as the Vacuum Twin Tec Pro, which was itself used by Karl-Uwe ("Charly") Steeb (my VTTP has a Charly Steeb autograph sticker applied to the inside of the throat!)...

Most (if not all, but I can't remember to be certain) of the 1991 Fischer line-up had the elegant smoky/metallic paintjobs with futuristic Fischer typefont graphics (courtesy of designer Nicole Dürr).
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