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Originally Posted by retrowagen View Post
Kev, the 1991 vintage Vac Pro 90 (as used famously be Michael Stich) came stock with the same pretty smoky paintjob as the Vacuum Twin Tec Pro, which was itself used by Karl-Uwe ("Charly") Steeb (my VTTP has a Charly Steeb autograph sticker applied to the inside of the throat!)...

Most (if not all, but I can't remember to be certain) of the 1991 Fischer line-up had the elegant smoky/metallic paintjobs with futuristic Fischer typefont graphics (courtesy of designer Nicole Dürr).
Very interesting. I just assumed it was a paint job. Fischer and Volkl were pretty exotic brands back then. I used to love watching the eastern European and Soviet/Russian players just to check out the racquets. Steeb was one of the first Fischer players I remember from my pre-teen/teen tennis days.
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