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Originally Posted by Kevin T View Post
Very interesting. I just assumed it was a paint job. Fischer and Volkl were pretty exotic brands back then. I used to love watching the eastern European and Soviet/Russian players just to check out the racquets. Steeb was one of the first Fischer players I remember from my pre-teen/teen tennis days.
Yeah, there weren't too many big-name Fischer-sponsored pros out there prior to Steeb und Stich. Just Stan the Man Smith, Anders Jarryd, Jonas B. Svensson, and Jan Gunnarsson on the ATP side, and Jo Durie on the WTA side, all using the striped monoshaft Superform Mid. There were also a host of journey(wo)man pros sponsored by Fischer, mainly from German-speaking lands.

Völkl would have seemed like a particularly exotic racquet brand to most in the USA in the 80's, what with their top team pros such as Sylvia Hanika and Andrei Chesnokov! In fact, if I'm not mistaken, they sponsored (racquets, clothing, shoes) the entire USSR national team in the mid-80's, prior to the fall of the Wall.
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