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Originally Posted by Colpo View Post
Re: the USSR and Volkl, I might have been initially under the impression that Volkl was a Soviet brand. I recall they'd equip the Soviets from "tip to grip" -- shoes, clothes, racquets of course. When Chesnokov came out of nowhere to knock off Wilander at the '86 French, I craved his game, with his racquet a close second; some odd-looking, deep-red and white midplus with a plastic throatpiece and a virtual monoshaft. Exotic! Not readily available! And to think that years earlier, the American southerner Mark Dickson played Volkl -- just did not compute.
Oh yeah, Mark Dickson with the Völkl. It was weird; presumably almost as though some guy in a trenchcoat, hat, and Wayfarers met him an alley somewhere, saying in a mysterious foreign accent, "Heer, Buddy: take zees tenees racquets!" I wonder what the real backstory on that sponsorship was (although, IIRC, Völkl Tennis USA was HQ'ed in North Carolina in the mid-80's...)
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