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Originally Posted by TennisCoachFLA View Post
Actually this is a great dynamic Tony. His dad is saying its pros or nothing, college is no option. You excelled in college, on court and with the academics. You have also seen the immense jump in ability even at the 500-800 ATP level....let alone that completely different level needed to make money, which is a top 75 or so player.

I had the pleasure of working with Sekou Banhoura Jr. and remain close with him and his dad. He has given me some insight on the amazing level jumps in tennis from juniors, smaller college, top college, lower pros, and the special ones in the top 100.

I have a feeling with all your experience you will have a hunch after this tournaments if this is a kid who should be bypassing a college scholarship to gamble on the pros...or not. Of course your opinion will and should be kept private.

But to be quite honest, after all these years of bantering with BB, I would love to be able to read your mind on the topic after this tourny!

Have fun and best of luck.
Should be interesting for DB. He secured a seed by virtue of having some wins in a qualie for a SoCal future. His first two probable opponents are both serve-volley players. I would guess he will get past the first opponent with relative ease. The guy he should play 2nd has sick hands and is a great volleyer. DB may well win this one, but he's going to have to hit a ton of well-aimed passing shots to do so.
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