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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
If you get any natural fiber wet, cold, too hot, too dry, you are changing its physical properties. Take any given piece of tissue, and apply excess fluid, a dessicant, heat or cold. You'll end up with four radically looking histology slides! The point is that no matter how "good" the gut is, it's still made from natural fibers. Natural fibers are sensitive to ambient conditions. If not, why package them in foil? Store them out of the sun? Not keep them in your bag in the summer or winter, but in the spring and fall you're okay? That's just part of how they work.
That's true. I played with VS gut several years ago. I never had a problem with it. It was probably the best string I ever played with. I just didn't think the price was worth the incremental improvement over the better synthetics.

I also remembered when I've seen other players whose strings broke on their own due to the weather. In one instance, I remember a guy who played an hour after his racquet was strung (a mistake), and then his strings lost all their tension. I don't mean a 20% drop, I mean a 100% drop. The strings were literally sagging.

I still might consider gut because if my arm doesn't get any better, that's going to be my best choice. I would hope the coatings they use nowadays have improved gut's resistance to weather.
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