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Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
That's true. I played with VS gut several years ago. I never had a problem with it. It was probably the best string I ever played with. I just didn't think the price was worth the incremental improvement over the better synthetics.

I also remembered when I've seen other players whose strings broke on their own due to the weather. In one instance, I remember a guy who played an hour after his racquet was strung (a mistake), and then his strings lost all their tension. I don't mean a 20% drop, I mean a 100% drop. The strings were literally sagging.

I still might consider gut because if my arm doesn't get any better, that's going to be my best choice. I would hope the coatings they use nowadays have improved gut's resistance to weather.

I know you like more durable strings, but don't kill your arm to save the strings. I was restringing Mantis Comfort after every 2 matches until my arm got better. It is pretty inexpensive in reel form and wonderful on the arm. RIP Control is way more stiff than MCS on a sore elbow.
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