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All the Elliptics I have tried feel virtually the same, I assume because of that tapered design. The grey/lavender Elliptic Comp (Kevlar/Graphite) has a very slightly softer flex that the version with SIC ceramics, maybe. Even the Elliptic Fun, which was a cheaper model, feels very close to the rest of the bunch.
My assessment too. The Elliptic Comps with ceramic fiber (Silicon Carbide or SiC in Fischer-speak) in the layup seem not to dampen higher-frequency vibration as well as the Kevlar-enhanced models (yet still dampen quite well, so well in fact that I never feel the need to use auxiliary string-bed dampeners), hence feel minutely stiffer. The Vacuum Elliptic Pro (Graphite/Kevlar with the unique molded-in Vestoran bumper guard, like the concurrent Vacuum Twin Tec models' bumpers, but not a core material as used in the Twin Tecs) was reported to be quite a bit stiffer than the other Elliptics. The Elliptic Fun has perhaps one of the oddest model names in history for a tennis racquet (and how can you not love it with such a funky name?!), but I really like how it plays... crisp but also very "warm," and quite arm-friendly for a racquet of its nature.

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Colpo, wasn't Chesnokov's frame an actual monoshaft? I recall that he only had 2 frames for the tournament and had to beg for a few more as he advanced into the draw. He switched to a Prestige 600 later in his career (at least for the Davis Cup match where Sampras cramped after match point).
I do believe Chesnokov was using the "Competition Ace" at the time (left racquet on this page from

Originally Posted by Captain Haddock View Post
I bought a few Twin Tecs from Colpo several years ago, but found them much stiffer than the Elliptics, which remain my favorite frames ever produced by Fischer.
They are quite a bit stiffer (and heavier too, in stock form) than the Elliptics. Also seem to cut through the air a little slower. IMHO, the Vacuum Twin Tec and Twin Tec Pro seemed like Fischer's answer to the Yamaha Secret 10 and Secret 04, respectively.
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