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Originally Posted by jim e View Post
It just goes to show you that just about anyone can string a racquet, as was posted on these forums many times in the past over the years.
But it takes a special person to be able to string a quality job the proper way and professionally, and in a tournament environment be able to produce that quality over and over many times a day where the last racquet is as good as the first. As it goes like anything else, you do get what you pay for.

In an airport you pay a shoe shine person $7.00 for a shine (at least it was 4 years ago, maybe even more now) , a $3.00 tip, so for a 10min or less job $10.00 is not bad , thats approx. $60 / hour. and just about anyone on the planet can shine a pair of shoes, so do you want just about anyone string your racquet? When that happens, then issues like this come up. Evidently some corners were cut, and it comes down to the $.
well put. I agree it definitely comes down to dollars.

Originally Posted by koolpatrol View Post
I'm not surprised. I play a lot of USTA florida tournaments, rarely is the stringing even thought of as planning for an event. I guarantee the Pro at the tournament thought, " I can handle it" and never considered how important stringing is to the kids competing in the tournament.
Although I agree with you, I doubt this was the pros call to make. This was either the city, or tennis center itself that made this decision.

Originally Posted by fortun8son View Post
It doesn't sound like there was any professional oversight at all.
The venue really dropped the ball here.
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