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Originally Posted by chalkflewup View Post
You have no other choice but to disagree because you're in too deep. You tell a emotional story about a USTA talent coach "charging" on to your daughter's practice court to work everyone up here. If it was a USTA coach she would have a USTA card. Another feeble attempt to dis the USTA. Hilarious.

I'm sorry dude but you're just not connected with the nuts and bolts of today's program to speak intelligently about it. But I encourage you to keep telling your stories and pouring gas on the fire as any PR is good PR. The program is only going to grow from here. Who knows they may even pour more money into it!

Tell any parent or junior here that winning a gold ball means nothing.

Back to the Orange Bowl! I saw Borza, Boys 14 1 seed save 3 match points in the 2nd set and come back to win in 3 against a lucky loser.
Wow, why get so personal? We have a simple disagreement. I think the high performance program is redundant as we have lots of academies and coaches in the area. I think the money could be better spent in other ways. You think it is a good program. A very simple difference of opinion.

I said I have no idea who the lady was. Her name was Sandy and she talked a mile a minute and she mentioned USTA a few times. I told you I have no idea who she was. I thought it was an interesting to mention. I think it would be cool if the USTA did now have those kinds of aggressive scouts is that dissing them?

Not sure how that is pouring gas or whatever. Geez, easy big fella.

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