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Originally Posted by Number1Coach View Post
I like how the last sentence there,, you would like to read his mind on the topic,,,,,, then a class act like Tony Larson didn't say what you wanted to hear and you respond with some pathetic thought on reality and insult Larson's thoughts ,,

TCF give your expert opinion a rest . Really feel sorry for your daughter ,,trust me DB is heading down a road few will travel .
I agree with you....Tony certainly did not say what I thought he would. He did advise high level junior tournaments at least.

To be honest, I thought after seeing him lose to a former college player he would have been a little more cautious and advised that he keep everything on pace to have the college scholarship as a fall back if the results did not improve.

Instead he seemed to be going with the hits big, seems into it, dad has energy and belief...go for it theme. I was wrong on that count no doubt. But the fact matter how many people meet him, like him, think he hits well, there have been no eye popping on the court results.

Perhaps the bigger question for Tony would be if he would bet me $10000 right now put into escrow if the kid would ever break the top 75 money making level as a pro? He said "make it big". Its one thing to like a family and wish them the best, its quite another to put some coin on it!

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