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Default Other problems

- For Sampras-Becker, 1997 Wimbledon quarterfinal, the ATP puts Sampras at 17 aces, 4 dfs and 4 break points faced. The Dallas Morning News and NBC put him at 19 aces, 3 dfs and 3 break points faced. Moreover, NBC reports 209 points played in the match; the Dallas Morning News has 211; the ATP has 240, which would come down to 211 if the aces and double-faults were subtracted once.

- For Kuerten-Norman, 2000 French Open final, the ATP has Kuerten facing 16 break points; NBC has 14, and the official RG site has only 13.

- For Federer-Roddick, 2007 Masters Cup, ESPN had Federer serving at 85%, while the ATP has 82%.

- For Federer-Nadal, 2007 Masters Cup semifinal, ESPN had Federer serving at 83% (40 successful first serves), while the ATP has 81% (39 first serves). ESPN had Nadal serving at 67%, while the ATP has 71%.
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