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Full WeissCANNON Turbotwist 51/49

Stringing- Pretty easy. TT is really soft, so it's pretty easy to weave. It felt sort of greasy though, which made it slightly tougher.

Groundstrokes- Well, they're alright. It is definitely soft. I mean it is the softest poly I've ever used. It also reallly powerful. Again, one of the most powerful polys I've used. Spin was decent, control was ok, and it had a pretty consistent response. It didn't impress me too thoroughly in playability, though.
Overall- 8/10

Serves- This is where it really does well. Like I said, it has all kinds of free power, so really unleashing the howitzer was pretty easy with this setup. Kicks were heavy and slices skidded through. Really a good serving setup.
Overall- 9/10

Volleys- This is a tough one to rate for me. I've said multiple times that I like a lower powered setup for volleying, so when I first crashed the net, it was more of a "Yikes" moment than an impressive one. I can MAYBE understand someone liking the loads of power, but it just doesn't work for me. I actually had to control the depth to keep it from going long on low volleys. Overheads were sort of hit or miss, because if I got the timing right, they were slammed, but if I didn't, they could end up going a foot or two long.
Overall- 7.5/10

Durability- A little below average physically for a poly, and it dies the way all these new co-polys do. They become rocket launchers. It died at about the 7 hour mark. It's WeissCANNON, so tension maintenance is great.
Overall- 8/10

Softness- 1 being the softest, 10 being the stiffest. I'd like to add a note that this is nowhere near as soft as any multi I've ever used. It's softness is alot like black5edge mains with addiction crosses.
Overall- 5.5/10

This is a tough one for me to review because it is the exact opposite of the string I normally like. Its high powered and springy, so you need to be ready for that. I can't give it a bad score because I'm sure there are plenty of people that would love a poly that has lots of power. Regardless, it has a really nice feel and has all sorts of power. It's definitely a good choice if you really want a more arm friendly poly main.
Overall- 8(.5?)/10
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