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Default wilson nblade review...

taught with the demo all day. still went to my vantage when the 3.5 class came out though.

for those of you (myself included) who thought the rok was too "soft" then the nblade is the stick for you. a stiffer stick and with pop that won't kill your arm. not entirely heavy either. for those who want a players stick/frame without the weight this is probably the stick for you. for those that claimed this is wilson's radical i beg to differ.

i have always found the head radical to have an inconsistent sweetspot while this stick is familiar the first time you swing with it. this is not a stick for flat hitters. serves come out nicely on the 6 pts headlight frame. serves something like the ntour (orange womans frame) believe it or nto. good speed can be generated from this stick.

if your a player who serves, strokes and then comes in, this is the stick for you. angles and power volleys are all available from this stick. if your a big spinner who needs to keep it in, also the stick for you. played with the 98 and it is a very manueverable frame at the net.

forehands like... wilson triad 6.0 (the black white, yes i palyed with hit)

backhands like... head liquidmetal prestige

volleys like... wilson pro staff 6.0 95

serves like... head i prestige
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