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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
My general rant was about too much testing and quantification in general, whether in school or at work. It assumes that divide and conquer is the best strategy, and does not address the holistic nature. I was reading just yesterday that some companies are moving away from their annual employee appraisal strategies. It has come to a point where even intangible things are required to be quantified and assigned a score. True creativity cannot flourish in such an atmosphere.
I agree in general, but the flip side is motivation. Athletes like to compete against themselves (ie, the clock) as a measure of improvement. As a former track athlete, we tracked times and distances as a gauge of progress - in addition to competing against others, of course.

I time my kids doing drills and races just for the fun of it - they love it and don't want to stop. They want to see if they can keep beating their time. It's something fun to focus on in a competitive way.

I completely agree that using it to weed out at young ages isn't good. I've seen kids change dramatically in physical ability in just a few years.
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