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Originally Posted by RetroSpin View Post
My experience is a bit different. I played a lot competitively as a 4.5. When I played 5.0's, the thing that always got me was the weight of shot, that and the added pop or kick on serves. I would find myself getting pushed around as points unfolded.

Of course, I am an oldtimer and had consistency drilled into me. Now, every 4.5 is probably trying to hit the cover off the ball. When they learn to keep it in play most of the time, they become 5.0's.

If you look at the definition for 5.5, it is as follows:

This player has developed power and/or consistency as a major weapon. This player can vary strategies and styles of play in a competitive situation and hits dependable shots in a stress situation.

I think to some degree that is true with the 5.0 as well except I would remove the "and" part. They usually seem to have a heavy power game that is difficult to handle or incredible consistency.
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