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I don't understand re: the black shirt and supposedly 'night AO matches' - Federer has never had two shirts for the Australian Open, or any slam for the matter apart from the obvious US Open.

From what I've always noted, this is Federer's cycle of outfits: links going to 2011 photos.

Abu Dhabi/Doha/Australian Open = Shirt 1
Dubai/Indian Wells = Shirt 2
Miami = Shirt 3 (whole new outfit)
Monte Carlo/Madrid/Rome = Shirt 4 (alternate of Shirt 3)

We know the red shirt is for the AO. And there are two alternates, the 'black' and the 'blue' - which will be worn where? Noting that Miami onwards is his Summer range, which is still relatively unknown up to Wimbledon 2012.

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