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Originally Posted by Up&comer View Post
Interesting. You start to notice what separates a 4.5 and a 5.0 is consistency.
But consistency in the sense of consistently and constantly putting you under pressure throughout the match more than what you can consistently do to them.

I hit with the top guys at my club and everything they hit is a pressuring ball - and I mean everything - serves, returns, groundstrokes are 'big' all of the time. I can serve big but I can't "get to them" enough of the time with the rest of my game. There's nothing to tee off on as I'm on the defensive too much of the time. And they move so well, and never seem to tire.

Even playing against the #1 women's singles player at my club, every groundstroke she hits results in a pressuring ball. Consistently heavy, consistently deep. Her forehand is superb and yet she's skinnier than me and plays with a light stick than me. Just goes to show how much of a difference a lifetime of technique development and grooved mecahnics makes.

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